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10 High-Tech Christmas Gifts New Homeowners will love!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And that means your Christmas shopping list is in the works of being drafted. We all hope to be fantastic gift-givers when it comes to our loved ones, but often times we’re left scratching our heads when it comes to what gifts to buy. I’ve prepared a list of 10 high-tech gifts that new and established homeowners will absolutely love. Yes, that’s right, I do not only sell real estate; I am also Santa’s assistant. So let’s get started!

  1. Amazon Echo Dot
Mitchell Freitas - - Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Amazon.com

Bring your loved one into the 21st century with an Amazon Echo Dot! I personally have two myself and it’s like having your own personal assistant at home. Set reminders, set timers, schedule alarms, remind yourself of meetings, and if connected to other smart home devices you can even control things such as lighting, your tv, and your AC/Heater! It’s a must-have for anyone looking to bring their home into the age of technology. Make sure to enable my Orlando Living™ flash briefing for the latest lifestyle and real estate news in a bite-sized podcast! Enable the skill here and say, “Alexa, what’s new?”

Priced at: 49.99 but Amazon always does promotions that bring the price down to 34.99
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2. BN-LINK Wifi Smart Plugs

Mitchell Freitas - - Smart Plug - Amazon Alexa

On the topic of smart devices, consider getting your loved ones wifi-enabled smart plugs that are compatible with voice-enabled assistants like Amazon’s Alexa. These plugs connect to your Wifi’s 2.5GHz channel and can be set up to turn on or off using your cell phone. Connect lamps, fans, and my personal favorite — Christmas lights, or really anything that requires an outlet for ease of control with a simple, “Alexa, turn on Christmas lights.”

Priced at: 27.99 for a pack of 4
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3. Levoit Air Purifier

Mitchell Freitas - - Air purifier - HEPA

Give the gift of fresh air to the new homeowners on your list. This one is especially useful for those susceptible to allergies or illness. The Levoit Air Purifier works effortlessly day and night to remove allergens, airborne bacteria, smoke odor, dust, and mold from your home. Fitted with a HEPA filter for true filtration, a near-silent motor system that won’t disturb your sleep, and energy-efficient fans, it’s a great way to show you care.

Priced at: 89.99, but currently on sale for 78.99 at the time of this post
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4. The Ninja Air Fryer

Mitchell Freitas - - Air fryer - Ninja Air Fryer

For the foodies in your life, the Ninja air fryer will be a massive hit! Everyone I know that has one, swears by it as if it were their child. With the Ninja air fryer, enjoy your guilty pleasures now guilt-free with technology that fries food and cuts back 75% of fat. I didn’t believe it myself until I tried food cooked in one, and it was pretty spectacular! This model has dishwasher safe parts, and can also dehydrate and reheat food.

Priced at: 129.00, currently priced at 99.00 for Amazon Prime members
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5. Saki Automatic Pot Stirrer

Mitchell Freitas - - Mixer - Cooking

If you’re a master chef in the kitchen, you know there are foods that tie up your hands at the pot. With this automatic pot-stirrer, you now have the versatility to finish up the rest of your ingredients while it continuously stirs the pot for you! The Saki Automatic Pot Stirrer can withstand extremely high temperatures for safe stirring no matter what you cook. This particular item blew my mind so much, that I’m even tempted to order one for myself.

Priced at: 65.52
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6. iRobot Roomba 614

Mitchell Freitas - - iRobot Roomba 614 - iRobot Roomba 960

We’re all extremely busy in today’s day and age, and keeping your home clean is always a time-consuming task. Ease some of that workload with iRobot’s Roomba! This newer entry-level model works great on hardwood floors and carpets. If you have shedding pets, you may want to consider a higher model, but this one is great to maintain the cleanliness of your floors. A word of caution, don’t use this device as your sole vacuuming method, but it will certainly maintain your cleanliness in between your own house cleaning days (customers have said it cut down their manual vacuuming to once a month!). The Roomba intelligently maps out the room space, avoids stairs, cleans under furniture, and identifies the dirtiest areas. Enjoy a 90-minute continuous run, before the Roomba automatically docks itself back into the charging station for a recharge. Be mindful in emptying out the dust bin every so often, for maximum efficiency.

Priced at: 249.99, currently priced at 219.99 for Amazon Prime members
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7. Ninja Master Prep

Mitchell Freitas - - Ninja Master Prep Pro QB1004 - Blender

Back on the food wagon, the Ninja Master Prep is a product I can stand behind as I use it in my own kitchen! Prepare ingredients, blend smoothies, and more with ease. The Ninja Master Prep may look small, but it sure does pack a punch. Whether you’re chopping up vegetables or turning anything into a puree, the Ninja Master Prep will help you get it done.

Priced at: 47.68
Buy Here

8. The Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

Mitchell Freitas - - ecobee ecobee3 Lite - ecobee

Give your loved ones the gift of energy efficiency with this sleek and sexy smart thermostat, at a fraction of the price of a Nest system. The Ecobee3 can be programmed on your mobile device and can easily be configured with your smart home setup (Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, etc). AND it’s easy to set up! With Ecobee3 you also have the option of purchasing additional home sensors to install in rooms where your thermostat may not be able to accurately read the temperature, so it intelligently balances out the temperature throughout the home. When programmed correctly (such as not to run at full capacity when the home is empty, or when you are asleep) it can save homeowners an average of 23% on their energy bills! Backed by a 3-year warranty.

Priced at: $169.00, currently $139.00 for Amazon Prime members
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9. Roku Streaming Stick

Mitchell Freitas - - Roku Streaming Stick+ - Roku Streaming Stick

Cable TV is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Help your loved one binge on their favorite shows/movies on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other service providers with the Roku streaming stick! I personally have a Roku at home, and it is the only TV I ever watch. Super simple to install, easy to use, and a smart and sexy interface, the Roku will revolutionize your TV-viewing experience. This particular streaming stick even supports HD and 4k!

Priced at: 59.99
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10. Jensen JTA-222 Turntable

Mitchell Freitas - - Turntable - Phonograph record

Ok, so this one isn’t exactly “high-tech” but I certainly wanted to include a nostalgic blast to the past that can be appreciated by young and old. I also personally vouch for this product because I have it in my own home! For those wanting a bit of nostalgia, or to instill the love of vinyl into a newer generation, this is the perfect gift. The Jensen JTA-222 can even be connected to exterior speakers for an improved audio experience. As a music-lover, I believe there is something special about playing vinyl. As the needle scratches over the record, it permanently changes it ever so slightly, so that no listening experience is truly ever the same. I might be romanticizing it, but the audio quality of vinyl is truly just better, and the memories made when listening to different tracks will make this gift invaluable. The Jensen JTA-222 certainly brings those experiences to life with beautiful audio quality in a vintage casing. Protip: modern artists often put out albums in vinyl as a collectible, pair this gift up with a vinyl of your loved one’s favorite contemporary artist!

Priced at: 44.99
Buy Here

Wishing you and yours a beautiful Holiday season! Let me know how these gifts work for you!
– Mitchell Freitas, Your Orlando Realtor

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