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Welcome to Kissimmee, an Investor’s Haven

If you’re new to the Orlando, FL area and want to invest, Kissimmee (pronounced Kis-sih-Me) is for you! Seated just outside of Walt-Disney World, the city of Kissimmee is a popular destination. Aside from its thrills, Kissimmee is known to have an affordable housing market that draws investors from all over the world.

“The Long River”

The area was originally known as Allendale and was named after Confederate major JH Allen. The Confederate major operated a successful cargo steamboat operation on the Kissimmee River. In 1883, the city was renamed to Kissimmee after the Native American word “Cacema,” meaning long river.  Kissimmee’s river, allowed steamboat operations to thrive creating economic growth in the region. By the early 1890s, major abnormal freezing of the river, along with The Panic of 1893 declined production in the area leading residents of the area to resort to cattle ranching.

Today, Kissimmee has turned into a hot real estate market! Kissimmee offers a variety of homes – single-family, condos, and townhomes, not to mention the resort-style amenities available in many communities! Varying communities may offer amenities such as: water parks, restaurants, and spas. All exclusive to residents.

It isn’t just the amazing perks that make Kissimmee, FL favorable. It’s the housing market!

The current median home value in Kissimmee is $217,400. And in the past year, real estate investment properties increased on average by 10.6%. Experts are predicting a 5.4% increase within the next year.

Graph by Zillow

What’s important to note is that Kissimmee is one of the few places in the Orlando Real Estate market where zoning allows for short-term rentals. Perfect for Airbnb and vacation home investors. Tourism is a billion dollar industry in the state of Florida, offering an entire market of endless potential to be tapped into. Last year alone the area had over 75 million visitors, and with year-round tourism, imagine the potential revenue to be made on your investments! Learn more about vacation home rentals here.

If you’re ready to make the move and invest in real estate here in the Central Florida region, let’s start a conversation!

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