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Winter Park, the Quaint Suburb for the Arts

Known for its world-class art and rich culture, Winter Park is an art mecca for all generations, young and old.

Chartered in 1887, the city was originally developed as a winter resort for wealthy Northerners. Who sought refuge from the harsh winters and a tranquil place to rest and relax (cowp). Notably, many homes in Winter Park have preserved their unique charm and sophistication. Beautiful lakes and brick streets surround them, which helps uphold its quaint ambiance.

However, the city is more than just its natural beauty. Today, you could find yourself having a sidewalk brunch on Park Ave. Exploring the oldest and most distinguished permanent collections in Florida at The Cornell Fine Arts Museum. I personally, enjoy taking a stroll in Winter Park’s Downtown Historic District.

Winter Park ranks #2 in The Best Suburbs to Live in Florida.


Although only nine square miles in size, do not underestimate Winter Park! With events happening almost every day of the week, you will always have something to do. Upscale shopping and dining, entertainment, and street art festivals are a few of the great perks you will have living in this culture-rich city.

One event Winter Park is most famous for is its Sidewalk Art Festival. The festival draws over 250,000 visitors each year. You can expect an amazing weekend filled with great music and some of the most beautiful art you have ever seen. If you intend to make Winter Park your new home destination, I would highly recommend attending this festival or any other event. What better way to appreciate all this wonderful city has to offer, than experiencing it first hand?

Discover why this beautiful city continues to be a destination of choice for hundreds across the country and the world!

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